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Perinatal and Child Health Clinical Trials Training Platform

Increasing Capacity for Maternal and Paediatric Clinical Trials (IMPaCT) is a team of more than 50 mentors, and 25 partner organizations representing institutions and existing trial teams from across Canada with a focus on clinical trials in pregnancy and childhood. The IMPaCT platform will include diverse cross-cutting, in-person and virtual learning experiences in government, industry, health services and health policy to expose trainees to broad career opportunities in clinical trials. The training platform will offer 6 doctoral, 6 postdoctoral and 18 early career awards for one-year immersive learning experiences with a call for applicants expected in fall of 2023. Open-access training content will also be created and will be available online to everyone.

Dr. Lauren Kelly received $4.9 million from the Clinical Trials Training Platforms (CTTP) fund to develop and implement IMPaCT over the next 3 years. Dr. Kelly serves as the Clinical Trials Director for the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba and is an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, and Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba.

The CIHR Clinical Trials fund awarded 7 clinical trial training platforms, and Dr. Kelly plans to work alongside the newly funded Advancing Clinical Trials (ACT) Consortium, CAN-STAT and CAN-TRAIN to further build capacity for clinical trials with pregnant people and children from across Canada.

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